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iPhone SE in Pakistan

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The iPhone SE is the most compact and powerful phone ever created! A 4-ich phone has never been this powerful. The iPhone SE in Pakistan is creating a super hype. Bringing back the hot-favorite design of iPhone 5s, Apple began redesigning from inside out. Integrating power, high-tech updates and hardware of iPhone 6s, the SE features the A9 chip, a 12 MP camera that captures spectacular photos, 4k videos, Live Photos and all necessary upgrades. In the end, what you have is an iPhone that looks compact, but is a beast in the palm of your hand. Order iPhone SE online now and get the best deals on smartphone from Cheezmall.

4Retina display
12MPiSight camera

IPhone SE Design

Brans & Beauty – another reason to love iPhone SE.

Apple took the beloved iPhone 5s design and refined it further to birth the SE. The stylish edges are matt-chamfered and the satin-like finish is acquired from bead-blasted aluminum, which makes the phone extremely light and durable at the same time. SE in Pakistan has become hot-favorite. The phone is specially designed to fit in your palm. The 4-inch screen has an incredibly brilliant retina display that makes everything on the screen look vibrant and sharp. The look is completed with a color-matched stainless steel logo.


Most powerful phone in 4-inch series.

Inside the iPhone SE has the same A9 chip of the iPhone 6s. Supported by the 64-bit desktop-class architecture, the A9 chip delivers incredible speed and responsiveness. Thanks to console-class graphics, the performance with your favorite games and apps will become more enriched and immersive. Power like this delivers performance at max. The iPhone SE in Pakistan is the most powerful phone yet, and one with potential to take over the market.

Super-efficient & fully integrated M9 motion coprocessor.

The M9 motion coprocessor is embedded directly into the A9 chip. It is connected to the accelerometer, compass and gyroscope for a variety of different fitness tracking capabilities. It also connects to Siri, without having to pick the phone. Simply say ‘Hey Siri.”

iPhone SE Camera

A camera with a super quality & functionality.

The 12 MP iSight camera captures sharp details, producing results similar to the iPhone 6s. This includes video shooting and even editing. Moreover, the 4k quality delivers in emphatic fashion giving quality that is four times better than the resolution of 1080 HD video. The facts are another reason behind the huge fan following of SE in Pakistan.

Live Photos.

Capture more than a picture – capture a moment!

Live Photos galvanize the whole excitement of taking a picture, by converting that instance into a recorded moment. The instance will be covered to a moment with sounds and movements. Simply touch and hold anywhere on the 12 MP and turn pictures into living memories.

iCloud Photo Library.

All your photos and videos, always with you.

The iCloud Photo Library takes all of your photos and videos, and stores them up to date on all of your devices. So now you can view your photos and videos anywhere and at any time.

Touch ID

Cutting-edge Security at your Fingertips.

The advanced Touch ID makes locking and unlocking the iPhone SE extremely secure. Since no one can replicate you fingerprints, safety can be guaranteed.

Apple Pay

Easiest & Most Secure – The only Way to Pay.

Apart from unlocking the iPhone, the Touch ID lets you use Apple Pay at over 2 million stores and millions of apps. At the store just hold your iPhone near the read with your finger on the Touch ID and you are done! It’s as simple as that. Since the card details are never shared and your finger print cannot be replicated, this is the most secure way to pay.


Better LTE, and even better Wi-Fi.

You can now browse the web, download games, download apps, stream videos over 802.11ac LTE & Wi-Fi. More LTE bands make SE ideal for worldwide roaming, and with better speed than 5s, you have another reason to love it. The iPhone SE supports Voice over LTE and Wi-Fi for instances with high quality wideband calls. Moreover, through Bluetooth keep connected to your AppleWatch, speakers, earphones and all other devices.

Up to 19 LTE bands
Up to 150Mbps over LTE3
Up to 433Mbps over Wi-Fi3

iOS 9

The Matrimony of Hardware & Software.

Renowned to be the easiest interface in the mobile world, the iOS 9 can also boast about its security features and technically advanced hardware. It is the most technologically advanced mobile operating system.

Apps that make your life easier.

The iPhone comes with a variety of different apps that are essential for your daily life activities. Texts, photos, videos, links and much more. Enjoy music with the Apply Music Library, collect personal calls with Facetime, use Maps to head in the right direction whilst receiving real-time traffic updates and much more.


Your very own personal assistant.

Your wish will be its command. Siri uses your voice to understand commands and operate on levels such as sending texts, messages, web search, reminders, navigation, database research and even go through your Photo Library.

App Store

An app for that… and that!

There are over a million and a half quality apps in the Apple App Store. You can get an app you want in an instant, whether you browse through category or search. Download new apps with a simple tap and enjoy.

Making a switch from Android to iPhone is Very Easy!

With only a couple of steps, you can now switch from Android to iPhone. Transfer all of your content and match your apps automatically. Moving to an iOS platform has never been more secure and easy. Making life easier and hassle free order iPhone SE online now. And for the best deals on iPhone SE visit Cheezmall.